Lapee is the first transportable female urinal.

The enequal absence of female urinals has a considerable impact, especially during outdoor events. While men have many different options to urinate properly, girls have only two, both unpleasant choices : queueing a long time for normal mix gender WC or squat in the gutter.

Lapee gives the opportunity for girls to urinate quickly, safely and hygenicly.

In early design stage, the product was being conceived optimizing different functions : the use, the fabrication, the transportation, the storage and the maintenance. Lapee is therefore one piece of rotomoulded polyethylene sackable.

The product is as efficient and as easy as possible for the client to use and manage. The design is thought so the product is obviously for women urination only. As a new product on the market, the design comunicates the use of it.

Being hollow for the stackability, Lapee can also be lit up at night to appear as a welcoming warm and safe lantern.

Lapee can directly be connected to a sewage or can cover a 1000L capacity tank which is also stackable.

Being waterless and recycable, the product has environment benefits. Lapee is made to satisfy users, clients, events guests, environment and an equality political concern. The project is an answer to the UN goal n°5 : gender equality.